About Us

                                        SINCE 2016

                                        六品设计创立于2016年,是广州室内设计领域的新生设计力量。六品设计深耕于有品质的商业空间及家居别墅设计领域,一直秉持以满足或超越 客户期望为公司的终极目标,秉承突破、创新、细心的专业设计精神。凭借良好的设计出品与客户口碑、成熟的设计管理、完善的设计跟进服务,六品设计的项目遍及广东省内外,至今服务精品住宅客户超过百家。

                                        Founded in 2016, liupin design is a new design force in the field of interior design in Guangzhou. Liupin design is deeply involved in the field of high-quality commercial space and home villa design. It always adheres to the ultimate goal of meeting or exceeding customers' expectations, and adheres to the spirit of breakthrough, innovation and careful professional design. With good reputation of design products and customers, mature design management, and perfect design follow-up service, six product design projects are all over Guangdong Province, serving more than 100 high-quality residential customers.

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